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IELTS-tutor.jpgIELTS Tutor (Native English) in Central, Hong Kong

Are you looking for an English IELTS tutor in Hong Kong? 

Christopher Rose, is a professional English teacher and tutor of IELTS

With more than 31years experience of teaching English and IELTS

A former lecturer of academic English, in addition to being a

examiner and teacher trainer

What are the IELTS examinations ?  


IELTS the 'International English Language Testing System'  

A certified English examination and is available in two types IELTS;  General English or Academic English

The IELTS General English test is mostly used for emigration scores, whilst the IELTS Academic English test is usually used for either employment or university entrance requirements


The test requires 2 hours and 55 minutes for Listening, Reading and Writing modules with and additional test for Oral / Speaking which takes 11 - 16 minuets.  Usually held on the following day.  Note: these times do not include waiting or registration on the day


Before commencing IELTS studies or paying and taking an exam, please remember that the IELTS is a test of English.  Learn the testing format, understand the marking system, or else you are unlikely to obtain you highest possible marks


The exam tests 4 areas / skills of English usage;

listening, speaking, reading and writing

The scores for each section are graded from

1.0  to  9.0 with units of 0.5  e.g.   4.5,   6.0,   8.5

Different universities have differing entrance score requirements for enrollment onto degree courses. Theses depending on the individual university, the type of degree, e.g. bachelors and masters and the language requirements of the program.  These may range from a minimum of 5.5 for many 1st degree courses to 6.5 or 7.0 on academic examination


General IELTS

Academic IELTS

Listening - 40 minutes


30 minutes for which a recording is played with an and additional 10 minutes for transferring answers onto the answer sheet


task 1

task 2

task 3

task 4


task 1

task 2

task 3

task 4


Reading - 60 minutes


up to 5 short text followed by questions


normally 3 texts followed by 13 or 14 questions for a total of 40 questions overall


Break around 10 minutes



Writing   - 60 minutes

task 1   150 words

write a letter or explain a situation, e.g.



task 2    250 words

write an essay

​one of three types; informative, argumentative or problem and solution

task 1   150 words

Information transfer exercise


Use written words  to describe the most significant information and trends from a diagram(s), graph(s), process(s), chart(s) or table(s)


task 2   250 words

write an essay

​one of three types; informative, argumentative or problem and solution


Oral / speaking - 11 to 15 minutes


Usually, in Hong Kong the test of Listening, Reading and Writing take place on the same day.  A Saturday, with the Oral interview taking place on the following Sunday


task 1 - Interview        

(low level communication)

The examiner will ask you some general questions about yourself, for example,

'Are you working or a student?, Where do you live?  Is it a nice place?  Why?  What do you like to do in your spare time?   Testing ability to answer questions about known information;, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary

task 2 - Presentation 

(medium level communication)

Preparation time 1 min., candidate then talks for 1.5 to 2 min., perhaps with 4 questions from the examiner to finish off.  Testing ability to organize a communication; idea, explain, support, pronunciation, range of vocabulary, range of grammar, etc.


task 3 - Discussion    

(higher level communication)

Related to the topic of the presentation (task 2).  The examiner will ask the candidate questions.  Higher functions, use of rhetoric (questions), self correction, humour, etc.



Common errors when taking IELTS                                 Improve your IELTS score

Most people whom take the IELTS do not have a clear and a basic understanding of what the IELTS is or how it is tests and measures a candidates English

As such many candidates fail to get their full potential marks in the examination because they have little understanding of the following and how they affect scores

Task identification

● if you do not understand the task or question, then it is unlikely that you can answer it in a way which will receive either high or full marks

● IELTS study guides


Task completion

● the ability to complete task in the given time 

Self timed practices with past papers at home

High frequency errors in English Usage

small errors which students repeat frequently such as;





repetition of vocabulary

● improve vocabulary rapidly via lexical phraseology

● strength & formality of vocabulary

● understanding vocabulary and the effect it has





repetition of grammar

● increase your range of grammar / vocabulary

subject and verb agreement

● reading aloud

time tense agreement

● reading aloud




● the connecting of ideas

● understanding discourse markers / linkers



● structuring / organizing

● Plan and structure your spoken and written English


IELTS links

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Booking an IELTS examination in Hong Kong



Booking an IELTS examination in Hong Kong

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