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Native English Tutor for Adults & Professionals

Can you express your feelings and ideas, accurately and with confidence ?

Would you like to be able to Communicate better with native speakers ?

General English Tutor

Express yourself, easily with confidence


Do you lack confidence in expressing yourself in English?

As an adult, you have been exposed to years of English language but are unaware of how your brain learns and processes language.  This wastes an incredible amount of your English language potential in addition to causing a lack of confidence whencommunicating 

Everyone makes small errors when speaking. Although we unsure of what exactly the error was, we subconsciously know that it was wrong.  Making people self concious and nervious


Most of these errors were caused by poor quality teaching when the students were first exposed to the language. Yes, that means for pronunciation the problems which affect the student today were usually created at around the age of 6 years old and still affect the person in adulthood

Simply book a lesson, have an overview  to discuss your needs and how in only a few lessons, you can dramatically improve your English fluency


English tutor for Business English

Business and Executive English

Better English, better communication

Communicate better, network better, have greater confidence in English for everyday communication with native speakers in spoken and written English

Aa LCCI qualified Business English Trainer of Business English, business writing. 

For more than 20 years in Hong Kong, I have taught Business English for ​a number of colleges and universities.   Mostly for BBA and Finance programs.  In addition I tutor MBA students, banking staff, hedge fund managers as well as various international corporations in Hong Kong

If you lack confidence in your business English or are about to undertake an MBA program, a recognized examination in Business English, why not invest in a tailor made English course first ? 

●  Business writing

●  Presentation skills

●  Report writing skills

●  Job interview & promotion interview skills


Corporate English Training

Are your staffs’ English skills letting you down?  Costing your company valuable time and losing your potential clients?  Consider an in house training program


English programs & short courses, tailored to your company’s needs & business English requirements

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