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My personal list of recommended resources


English learning and practice resources for; General English, Business English, IELTS, HK DSE, IGCSE, IB etc.


​Books, learning materials; videos, downloadable activities and genuine fun activities or practicing and improving your English


Cambridge ESOL

Past papers, example papers


IELTS Reading study guide


IELTS Academic Writing study guide



The British Council Hong Kong  





Note: All Hong Kong University graduates may have one free IELTS examination via the IDP upon graduation.  Please see their website for details





Speaking Practice

The caption on the right says it all... 


For real practice, you need to go out and have fun.  Meeting real people from different countries and backgrounds.  Then you can enjoy really using English in a fun way








MeetUp Hong Kong


Enjoy real speaking & listening practice, through fun activities



The website MeetUp, allows many different groups to organize activities, such as sports, food, wine tasting and many more


These are a great way to meet new people and practice your communication skills, whilst having fun outside of a classroom


There are around 500+ MeetUp groups in Hong Kong covering many fun activities; such as, hiking, food clubs, dancing and drinking clubs, yoga, tennis and arts groups


Why not have some fun and relaxation whilst improving your listening and speaking skills



Image result for toastmasters hk



Toastmasters Hong Kong


What is Toastmasters?


Toastmasters is a worldwide non-profit-making educational organization founded in 1924 dedicated to improving its members' communication and leadership skills


Members are comprised of people from all walks of life, including business people, professionals and students.

Every Toastmasters club follows the same time-tested educational programs. These programs are continually updated to meet participants' needs. The self-paced programs allow members to progress as rapidly or gradually as one's needs dictate. 

Toastmasters meetings are held at various locations, mostly in the evening, for 2 - 3 times a month. You'll be sure to find a club that fits your needs




The English Speaking Union

Hong Kong


The English-Speaking Union (Hong Kong)

was established in Hong Kong in December 2001 as an independent, non-profit, educational charity whose mission is to promote local and international friendship and cooperation by encouraging the wider use of the English language.


The ESU is an international organisation whose branches are independent, non-political, educational entities operating in over fifty countries, including, for example, China, Malaysia, Australia, India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Books, but which books to use ?    


Having the correct book and knowing how to use it, makes all the difference in the world to learning any subject

A book can inspire or destroy interest and confidence


Always start with the easiest and lowest level.  Thus, it is quick and easy to complete and comprehend.  Many student books which are badly written, badly edited or just require too long to complete.  Life is short and this is Hong Kong! 


Below are my personal recommendations, but remember to make use of audio books, TV and You Tube

Please remember to read aloud.  Thus combining; Reading, speaking and listening skills




The Cambridge English Vocabulary in Use series are most  highly recommended







Independent user

 B1 – B2

Upper Intermediate


Proficient User

B2 – C1



Proficient User

C1 – C2



Proficient User

C1 – C2


Cambridge English

Vocabulary in Use 


2nd Edition


Cambridge English

Vocabulary in Use 

Pre & Intermediate

3rd Edition​


Cambridge English

Vocabulary in Use

 Upper Intermediate

3rd / 4th Edition​


Cambridge English

Vocabulary in Use


2nd Edition



Cambridge Academic

Vocabulary in Use

                   2nd Edition

Need some help improving in your grammar ?


These books titled; 'Practical English Usage" by Times Educational Press Ltd. are the easiest and fastest I have ever found.  Many adults may recognize these.  I am happy to say that after a 17 year absence from Hong Kong they are now available in the territory again 


Many people failed to learn basic grammar correctly and feel somewhat shy about this.  Many used terrible books that had over a hundred units of boring exercises that seemed to have little relevance


Would it upset you if I told you that the English language isn't a grammatical language but is instead based upon vocabulary?

My advice is to start with the introductory book.   The units are very easy to read and take very little time to complete.  Whilst the level is low (Introductory) it serves as both a revision aide and  a rapid grammar course.  When you have done that, well, consider book 1.  The same at a slightly higher level, thus superb revision.  Most students do not need to go higher than book 2


Times Educational Press Facebook page:

'Commercial Press' book shop.  Please note their website is 'naff' so here is a Google URL with store locations


Practical English Usage




*Note, Introductory,

not Introductory book A

or Introductory book B

 Practical English Usage

 Book 1



 Practical English Usage

 Book 2



 Practical English Usage

 Book 3



Practical English Usage

Book 4




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