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Native English Tutor for

                   IB, IGCSE, HK DSE, Literature, Common Enterance Examination, etc.

"Your children are your greatest and most valuable asset,

please invest in their education wisely"

Christopher Rose is an English tutor for children aged 6 to 18 years of age

With 24 years of experience of teaching in local and international schools at all levels and bands, in addition to many years as an educational author and teacher trainer, you can be assured, your child is in good hands. In he was commissioned as an author for the Hong Kong, Education Department’s ‘Primary English Reading Literacy Reforms 2005’ to write a series of primary and lower secondary graded English readers and teachers’ resources which are currently used in hundreds of schools in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK


IGCSE_logo.jpgTutor IGCSE English

IGCSE tutoring for English & Literature

English tutor for both IGCSE English - First language & IGCSE English Literature

Whether students need help with your course work to improve grades or past paper practice in preparation for the final examination, I am always happy to assist

 Tutor IGCSE English   Resources

Cambridge IGCSE First Language


Cambridge IGCSE Literature

literature.jpgTutor English Literature

English Literature tutor for secondary students and undergraduates

What is literature ? 

lit·er·a·ture ​the love of the written word,’ the blood of life’

Written works, esp. those considered of superior or lasting artistic merit: "a great work of literature".  Books and writings published on a particular subject: "the literature on environmental epidemiology. The higher appreciation of language and communication, yet amazingly and sadly all to often not taught in some of HK’s top local schools



Special thanks to

Dr Andrew Barker for his kind permission to link to the MyCroft Lectures

Additional literature links

Understanding F.L.I.R.T by Mr J. Underwood.

Please visit my webpage Resouces for advice on books, YouTube videos and more

hkdse english

Are you looking for an English tutor to help you improve your English for the HKDSE English ?


Christopher Rose is a former local and International school teacher and author of the former HKCEE Benchmark Papers.  With over 23 years of  experience of teaching and examining of English in Hong Kong


Whilst the new HKDSE (Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education English) is ​a great improvement over the former HK examinations, many students still approach learning and improving their scores in the wrong ways

Past papers will only take you so far.  As with all English examinations, DSE is a test of English.  In other words it measures your, range of vocabulary, grammar, cohesion (structuring) and coercion (linking)

Whilst, when I was a child, my mother told me "It is wrong to laugh at the afflicted"  That being understood, there are a number of videos online from the HKEAA demonstrating the various levels of oral candidates

Enjoy the video and remember, these are not my students


YouTube video (C) HKEAA

Additional HKDSE links

Links:  HKEAA Guides for HKDSE English

HK DSE Writing

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IB English Tutor HK

English Tutor International Baccalaureate (IB) English HK

Christopher Rose is a Native English Teacher and Native English Tutor offering private English tutoring for the International Baccalaureate in Hong Kong

What is the International Baccalaureate ? 

It is a beautiful syllabus, the equivalent of an associate degree or the 1st year of a bachelor degree, and equips students with genuine critical thinking skills

Advice for students entering IB from a non-IB school, 'don't fall behind on your reading.'  Make use of internet resources, in paticular literature study guides.


Additional links

Please visit my webpage Resouces for advice on books, YouTube videos and more


My advice to parents in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Fake English TutorsBeware of fake English teachers & tutors


Hong Kong is filled with people whom claim to be English teachers and tutors.  Alas, many have no certifiable qualifications in English teaching or even worse have fake qualifications.  Some do not have the legal right to work in Hong Kong and many are highly unsuitable for the field of education 

Always be sure to check their qualifications.  If their price seems low, that should be an alarm bell.   Just because a tutorial center say their are qualified English teachers/tutors that doesn’t mean that their qualifications are valid or even real

study with friendsArrange a homework club

Let your child and classmates meet once a week at someone’s home to do homework together.  You can rotate the location on a weekly rota or one parent’s home for English, another for math’s etc. 


Save money on tutorial schools.  When students work together, they share knowledge  and perform a number of communication functions, recalling, explaining, rephrasing.  These skills not only reinforce personal knowledge of the topic but develop and practice lifelong, highly valuable inter-personal communication skills and childhood and lifelong friendships


Don't buy worthless books

Don’t  buy unsuitable books


What makes a book unsuitable or of low value for money ?

Unfortunately a number of books bought in Hong Kong are not suitable by; level, content, or vocabulary.  Rather than increase interest a students in a subject they can poison a the desire to learn


TV is good for educationAllow your children to watch television

Television provides a wide range of high quality and educational programming.  In addition is a fun way to acquire multiple language and communication skills

Don't overloadDon’t overload your children


After a long day at school, every child needs to rest and relax.  They already have had 6 to 8 hours of lesson and have homework, which can range in both quality and effectiveness


Do not force your child to endure or undertake a large number of extra curricular activities or classes.  Allow your child the opportunity to relax, and to learn how to use their own free time.  Childhood is short lived and every child has the right to a happy childhood


Bad Hong Kong Tutorial schools

Remember the purpose

of private tuition

To individually support and motivate a student in areas of weakness which the school is unable to provide.  These may be due to restricted time or teaching abilities

Unfortunately many parents believe quantity and difficulty are more important than the quality.  This is unfortunately, utter nonsense

Language learning needs to be set at the correct cognitive ability level for the student.  If you wish for effective learning to take place, it needs to be meaningful and thought provoking to allow for metacognative reflection

If you just wish your child to be punished and perform endless, meaningless repetitive drills, you could save a fortune by simply locking them in a wardrobe and not releasing them until they have completed the exercises in whatever terribly written exercise book you have purchased.   Whilst some students attend excellent schools with superb teachers, they are then sent to 3rd rate private centers.  This will have counter productive results

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