Buy and sell physical gold and silver in Hong Kong Guide

August 2015


Gold and silver dealers in Hong Kong.  Where to buy and sell gold and silver in HK

*under construction* list with maps / info



Selling silver in Hong Kong?

One problem many of us face or at least wonder is, "How and where to sell silver, for the highest price when we wish or need to cash it in?"


Myself I am collecting very small quantities of silver.  I am currently looking for


   *  Perth mint Lunar Series 1  1 kg

   *  Perth Mint Lunar Series 2  1 kg

    *  Perth Mint Kangaroo          1 kg  for a friend  


   *   Baird and co.                     1 kg

    *  Chinese Panda                  1 kg

   *  10 ounce bars which I don't currently have in my collection (very small collection)


Selling gold Pandas?


   * Chinese gold pandas

Highest sell back prices paid. I will pay upto 10% more than the buy back prices offered by the local bullion dealers banks etc.  subject to paperwork, condition and testing if necessary



Contact me via email to let me know what you have and wish to sell