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Chris-Rose-English-Tutor.pngHello, I am Christopher Rose Dip.Ed., Dip.TESL, LPAT-(E)

Welcome to my website


I am a British born, Native English teacher and have been teaching, lecturing & tutoring English in Hong Kong since 1991


After more than 29 years experience of teaching in local and international schools, colleges & universities, I now privately tutor English in addition to sometimes working as an examiner & writing ELT books.  "With age comes experience."  I have continuously strived to develop and improve what I consider to be the fastest and most effective methods of teaching and learning English


Who are my students ? 

My private students cover all ages and backgrounds.  The minimum age is six years old ,with no upper age for adults.  From complete beginners, through to PhD.  Every level imaginable from primary students to successful professionals in the fields of education, law, and finance,medicine etc.     All are welcome, provided you wish to learn


Why study with me ?

Learn easily & effectively, saving your time & money


Please remember, when it comes to learning, it is unfortunate enough to lose money, but losing your time is far worse.   Study & learn correctly. time is irreplaceable and effects both your present and future 

 IELTS Tutor  

Pass the IELTS the first time,

avoid the unnecessary cost of additional exams and stress


Whether you are taking the  IELTS for the 1st time or have failed reach your desired score previously, professional IELTS training will make the difference.   Many students only require an improvement of 0.5 to 1.5 to improve from 5.5 to 7.5 ​​  


Children’s English

Primary & Secondary English,

ESL, ELT Literature and examinations

● phonics                         ● writing skills  

● school interviews        ● IGCSE / GCSE / AL    

● literature                        ● HK DSE

● International Baccalaureate (IB)           

● presentation skills



English for Adults

General, Business and Executive English

Improve your confidence in English communication

​Express yourself with ease  


●  business writing           ●  presentation skills    

●  report writing                 ●  interview skills           

●  CV / resume writing



Academic English


University for overseas studies  

Before happily running or flying overseas to university, please consider;   "How much is the cost of the airfare, school / university fees, living and accommodation, food etc ?"

Consider the joys of sitting in a remedial English class, with less able students, learning how to ask directions to the beach or perhaps colouring pictures of snowmen instead of actually studying your chosen discipline.  Worse yet, having to repeat a term or semester.  Simply because you failed to gain an appropriate level in the subject

Study smartly by preparing and learning Academic English before you start your college or university.   Just 6 - 8 lessons will make a major difference to your grades

Rose English  

904, Wing Fu Building

18 - 24 Wing Kut Street

Central, Hong Kong SAR

Tel / WhatsApp 852 947 847 30


Facebook:  Rose English